Dr. Alexander Theis

Dr. Alexander Theis (né Jost)
Postdoc researcher in the group Aerosol and Cloud Physics headed by Prof. Stephan Borrmann

Institute for Atmospheric Physics (IPA)
Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz
J.-J.-Becherweg 21
D-55128 Mainz
Room: 05-241
Phone: +49 6131-39 27801
E-Mail: ajost@uni-mainz.de and alexander.theis@mpic.de

Research interest

My main research interest is on clouds and precipitation particles with a focus on
ice microphysics. In recent years I have been working on the hydrodynamics of ice particles, the interaction of trace constituents with the ice phase, the heat and mass transfer during the growth (collisional and diffusional) and melting of ice particles. For my studies I use the Mainz vertical wind tunnel where I can very closely produce conditions prevailing in real atmospheric clouds. From observations of single particles freely floating in a vertical air flow our current process understanding for basic microphysical processes is improved. This is of special importance to experimentally test available theoretical concepts or to derive new parameterizations which can be implemented in cloud models in order to improve their performance.

Keywords: ice microphysics, hydrodynamics, retention, heat and mass transfer